Ice Twizzle

Nordic Ice Theatre – Figure skating at 'Melting Point'

September 25, 2022 Ice Twizzle Season 2 Episode 2
Ice Twizzle
Nordic Ice Theatre – Figure skating at 'Melting Point'
Show Notes

Title of episode: (Series 2 Episode 2) Nordic Ice Theatre – Figure skating at melting point

Nordic Ice Theatre are back and as James Brown said so well ‘Papas got a brand new bag’ oh yeah. The Nordic theatrical figure skating company are back to test the artistic interpretation of story and music on ice once more.

The thing we have all come love about Nordic Ice Theatre is that you never know what you are going to get. Małgorzata Osypińska (Margret) the Artistic Director of Nordic Ice Theatre walks us through their newest creation ‘Melting Point’ and how creating Melting Point has been another journey of discovery changing them all as much as they have changed it.

Watching Nordic Ice theatre grow is like watching crystals of ice form, beautiful, unpredictable, yet somehow organised into something much more beautiful as a whole.

Margret speaks frankly about the phenomenon of melting and through the process of deconstruction and reconstruction that forms this uniquely ‘Nordice’ production.

In this first time taking the show on the road, Margret talks about how the phenomenon of melting, hauntingly echoing what is happening in our world as global warming takes hold, but also as a notion of construction and deconstruction through movement.

Movement is subjective of course; Margret speaks about how they harness this subjectivity to give each viewer a unique and very personal experience.

Margret also goes on to tell how this is their first production where music has been composed for the purpose of the production and how the process of musical, physical and artistic creation have been formed for the entire effect. Nordic Ice Theatre, famed for their use of live instruments on ice do not let us down with their latest creation, combining contemporary and classical music with instruments and the audience on ice, art does not get more personal and cutting edge than this.

If you do only one thing this week, then check out Nordic Ice Theatre at or just google them, view their videos on you tube,  prepare to be blown away, be part of the movement, this is artistic figure skating for the people, be brave, be unique, take a chance on risking something new, check them out.