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Nordic Ice Theatre - Live musicians and figure skating entwined

June 27, 2021 Ice Twizzle Season 1 Episode 10
Ice Twizzle
Nordic Ice Theatre - Live musicians and figure skating entwined
Show Notes

This week we speak to Małgorzata Osypińska (Margret) from Nordic Ice Theatre. Margret is the founder and artistic director of Nordic Ice Theatre, Norway’s new and first Ice theatre company.

With a unique blend of figure skating, artistic choreography and live musicians on the ice, Nordic Ice Theatre is going to blow your socks off.

The utterly beautiful figure skating performances with classical musicians on the ice, in the shockingly beautiful backdrop of Bergen, Norway, as seen on YouTube, prompted this one on one interview.

There is something beautifully different about Nordic Ice Theatre (or Nordice as it is known to some), the combination of figure skating, live musicians and beautiful choreography create an experience that is sublime.

In this interview we hear how Margret and the rest of the Nordic Ice Theatre company are creating a new future for figure skating in Norway, by being the first ice theatre company in Norway; and by  delivering their own unique take on incorporating live music intrinsically with the performance. 

Margret speaks about how her figure skating career, dance and choreography expertise combined with skills from what is now the Nordic Ice Theatre team to form something that we at Ice Twizzle, and shortly the rest of the world will realise is greater than the sum of its parts.

Though those parts are spectacular including:

Maciej Kuś
Figure skater, multiple Polish National Champion and Representative, currently coach at Bergen Kunstløpklubb
 Beate - Helene Andersen
Figure skater, coach at Loddefjord Idrettslag, coach of the synchro team Bergen Umbrellas
 Ingrid Louise Vestre

Figure skater, junior coach at Bergen Kunstløpklubb

Julia Malik
Soprano and cellist, Nordic Ice Theatre´s Musical Director, General Director of Sunrise Bridge Music Production
 Anders Hannevold
Composer and pianist, Nordic Ice Theatre´s in - house composer

Vladimira Scigulinska
Violinist; currently plays in the first violin section at Slovak State Philharmonic Kosice

Nordic Ice Theatre also work with guest artists in their upcoming show ‘Winter Tales’.

So get comfy, listen to the show and feel very special that few people have heard the voice of Margret or Nordic Ice theatre, so you will be able to say, I heard of them on a podcast before they were world famous and gave something to artistic figure skating that was both awe-inspiring and uniquely Nordic Ice Theatre.

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